Vol 4, Issue 6, 2020


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Research Article
Organizational Learning, Employee Satisfaction and Employee Loyalty in The Banking Sector, Nairobi County, Republic of Kenya

Grace Orinda, Joel Chepkwony
& Patrick Limo
pp. 425-440

Doi: 10.29226/TR1001.2021.238
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Research Article
The Interaction Effect of Generational Cohort on Customer Orientation and Customer Satisfaction Among Airline Passengers in Kenya

Diane Uyoga & Michael Korir 
pp. 441-452

Doi: 10.29226/TR1001.
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Research Article
Is Social Transparency Associated with Tax Avoidance? 

Paul Muturi Kabete, Josephat Cheboi & Ambrose Kemboi
pp. 453-462

Doi: 10.29226/TR1001.2021.240
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Research Article
Effect of Employee Involvement on Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Environmental Agencies within North Rift Region, Kenya 

Judith Chepkemoi, Mwangi Kungu & Razia Mbaraka 
pp. 463-472

Doi: 10.29226/TR1001.2021.241
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 Research Article 
Moderating Effect of Business Incubator on Entrepreneurial Pedagogy and Students’ Innovative Capability in Kenya Institutions of Higher Learning 

Mercy Murrey, Bernard Kibeti Nassiuma
& Joash Ogada
pp. 473-489

Doi: 10.29226/TR1001.2021.242
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 Research Article
Audit fee and auditor independence
Kenneth Langath, Josephat Cheboi & Ambrose Kemboi
pp. 490-498

Doi: 10.29226/TR1001.2021.243
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Research Article
New Japan Automobile Global Manufacturing Model Using Advanced TDS, TPS, TMS, TIS & TJS
Kakuro Amasaka
pp. 499-523

Doi: 10.29226/TR1001.2021.244
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