Vol 3, Issue 1, 2019

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The Role of Employees with the Investment Capital of The Enterprises in Industrial Parks: Research in Thai Nguyen Province
Le Thi Yen, Pham Minh Hoa
Doi: 10.29226/TR1001.2019.97
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The Efficiency of Development Investment in Agricultural Production Applying Good Agricultural Practices (Gap) Standard of Household -­ Case
Study of Grapes and Apple in Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam
Dao Quyet Thang, Doan Viet Dung
Doi: 10.29226/TR1001.2019.98
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The Role of Public Procurement in Enhancing Growth of Small and Medium Sized-­ Enterprises: Experince from Mbeya Tanzania
Baraka Israel, Isaac Kazungu
Doi: 10.29226/TR1001.2019.99
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Revealed Comparative Advantage of Textile and Clothing Industry of Bangladesh in the North American Market
Mohammad Ali, Wang Qun, Md Ekram Hossain
Doi: 10.29226/TR1001.2019.100
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