Vol 5, Issue 1, 2021


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Research Article
Moderating Effect of Board capital on Firm Leverage and Financial Performance of Firms listed at Nairobi Securities Exchange in Kenya

Cornelius Kurere
,Joel Tenai& Patrick Limo
pp. 1-10

Doi: 10.29226/TR1001.2021.255
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Research Article
The role of Cultural Values and Relationship Marketing Programs inPromoting Customer Satisfaction
Benon Nabimanya Muhumuza, Ernest Saina & Hassan Bashir

Doi: 10.29226/TR1001.2021.256
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Research Article
Consumers Attitude Towards Celebrity Endorsement on Advertisement

Ziarat H. Khan, Shams Istihad & Mohammad Ali

pp. 22-34

Doi: 10.29226/TR1001.2021.257
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Research Article
Demographic Characteristical and Behavioral Factors Among Small and Micro Enterprises in Nairobi County, Kenya

Leah Jemutai Barno, Josephat Cheboi & Catherine Muganda
pp. 35-46

Doi: 10.29226/TR1001.2021.258
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